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The Office of Information Security and Privacy (OISP) is located within the Colorado School of Mines department of Computing, Communications, and Information Technologies (CCIT) and works with the campus community to increase the security of the campus information infrastructure, including the data network and connected hosts.

Campus Update - Meltdown and Spectre

How Secure are you?

  • Full Disk Encryption - Use this link to get started with Mines' Full Disk Encryption initiative.
  • Campus Email Verification - Any email sent by CCIT's security office should be verified before any action is taken.
  • October is Cyber Security Awareness Month - Check out CCIT's security awareness campaign.
  • Identity Theft resourcesPDF versionText only version - A good starting point for more information about Identity Theft and ways to prevent it (link courtesy of Jefferson County District Attorney's Office)
  • Security Tips - Ways to combat the worst cybersecurity threats currently found on the Mines network.
  • Virus Protection - Free antivirus software is available to the entire Mines community. It is required for all computers using the campus network.
  • Security Alerts - Current security alerts and information on protecting your system from cyber-attacks.
  • Incident Reporting - Guidelines and suggestions for reporting security-related incidents to CCIT.
  • Privacy & Security Policies - Policies related to privacy and network security.
  • Contact Information - Ways to contact the Office of Information Security and Privacy staff.
  • Change Password - Criminals are out there. So you'll want to change your password now and then.
  • Digital SignaturesPDF versionText only version - importing and usage guide for secure email using S/MIME certificates.


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