The Computer Commons Lab currently supports Nero CD/DVD burning software. This web page is a guide to using Nero to create most types of CD's, including data, music and photos. Some systems do support digital video burning.

To create a CD using Nero:

  1. Log on to any PC in the Computer Commons and open the All Applications folder. From there launch Nero StartSmart:
    Software: Microsoft Office
  2. When Nero starts, it will display a Welcome screen from which several options are available. The graphics show these options when the icons across the top of the welcome screen are "moused over."
    Software: Microsoft Office
  3. Select the desired type of "burning" and insert a blank disc in the CD/DVD RW drive. The graphic below shows the setup for a data CD, but is analogous to all other types of burning:

  4. Click the Add button, select the data that will be burned onto the disc from a folder or flash drive, click next and follow the Nero prompts to complete.

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