Mines Content Management System (CMS) Help

The Mines Content Management System (CMS) is a web-based application that allows website owners and administrators to update pages, add images, and upload documents to the inside.mines.edu and www.mines.edu websites without any prior web-development experience. This page was created in the CMS.

Why use a content-management system? How do you migrate your current "traditional" site into our system? Where are we going with the web at Mines? Here are the basics.

  • Why Use a CMS?PDF versionText only version
    What are the advantages of a CMS compared to "traditional" methods? The rationale for our web system is explained.
  • Moving Your Website Into the Mines CMSPDF versionText only version
    Practical details about what it takes to make the move. (Spoiler alert: It's pretty easy.)
  • Mines Website Analytics
    Statistics, trends, and insights into Mines web services. Where are we now and where are we going?

These tutorials provide new CMS users with the baseline training needed to perform basic site updates (linked titles indicate new versions of these documents; "PDF" links are to documents now under revision):

  • CMS BasicsPDF versionText only version
    Learn how to log in, navigate to your site's CMS directory, and edit an existing page.
  • Creating Links [PDFPDF versionText only version]
    This tutorial explains how to use the CMS to create hyperlinks from one page to another.
  • Managing Documents [PDFPDF versionText only version]
    Learn to upload document files into the CMS and create document links.
  • Working With Images
    Learn to upload and modify image files. [PDFPDF versionText only version]
  • Creating New Pages [PDFPDF versionText only version]
    Learn how to add new pages to your CMS-powered web site.
  • Working With Sidebars [PDFPDF versionText only version]
    Does your web site have a global sidebar? Learn how to make changes to it here.
  • Create New Mines Calendar EventsPDF versionText only version
    Here's how to insert a properly formatted event into Mines Calendar (if you have access).

Advanced users, or Administrators, may find these tutorials useful.

  • Embedding VideosPDF versionText only version
    Embed YouTube videos on your web page for extra graphical "punch."
  • Rotating ImagesPDF versionText only version
    Add animation to your academic-department home page images, like you see here.
  • CMS Navigation  [PDFPDF versionText only version]
    Create new navigation elements on your site's left nav sidebar (some features are available only to administrators).
  • Create CCIT Outages and Event NoticesPDF versionText only version
    A quick-and-dirty, step-by-step guide for CCIT staff.
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